Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Many Titles Are Possible!

So I will put them all here...

Wow, it's been FOREVER!
My last post was October 1st! That was over two months ago... The sad thing is, in that post I wrote"I want to try to post more often..." Haha. Looks like that didn't happen. Sorry guys, I've been pretty busy with school and... well, life. Right now it's winter break, so I'm catching up with everything. Hopefully I'll be able to find more time to post in my second semester of high school :)

Merry Christmas!
Yesterday was Christmas! Hope you all had a good one :) Also in my absence, I missed Halloween and Thanksgiving... so hope you had a fun Halloween, and a great, turkey-free Thanksgiving!

I got some new cookbooks!
So as I just mentioned above ^, yesterday was Christmas! Two of my presents were vegetarian cookbooks, and they seem like really good ones. One was The Starting Students' Vegetarian Cookbook by Dede Hall. The cover describes it as "over 150 recipes for quick, cheap, and delicious meals!" So as you may have figured out, this book is designed for vegetarian college students with limited time and money who want to eat healthy food. There are all kinds of recipes in it, including sections just for Italian and Mexican foods! I'm making a recipe from it after I write this post... If it's a good one, I'll post it tonight :) The other cookbook I got was Better Than Peanut Butter & Jelly by Marty Mattare & Wendy Muldawer. This book was designed for vegetarian parents who want to raise their children vegetarian. It has a lot of healthy recipes that kids, adults, and everyone in between are guaranteed to enjoy! I haven't looked at it a whole lot yet, but it seems like it has some great lunch ideas. I'll post more about both of these books later...

I didn't completely forget about the blog!
I've been working on a post for a long time... It's titled "Reasons to Go Vegetarian" I'm trying to put a number in front of that (ex., 35 reasons), but there are so many I keep coming up with some! That's why it's taking so long... But hopefully you will find it interesting, and it will make you glad that you're a vegetarian. I know they make me glad I'm a vegetarian :D

So unless I post that recipe tonight, bye for now! Expect a post soon. I'm going to say it again... I'll try to post more often on this blog! I mean it this time!

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