Friday, June 11, 2010

Imitation Meat

On my last post, I received a question from Cassidy, who asked if there was a vegetarian substitute for bacon.

You bet! Not only is there a substitute for bacon, there is a substitute for nearly every type of meat! These substitutes are called imitation meats. I thought I'd use this time to write a little bit about a few of them.
Here's the substitute for bacon! I've tried this one, because I was curious! Haha, so the picture might look gross, but it's not that bad. The texture is NOTHING like real bacon, and it reminds me more of a cracker than bacon. Very, very crunchy. However, the taste is a lot like bacon, so it's pretty good! I like to make "B"LT's ("bacon", lettuce, tomato sandwiches) with this! This particular type of veggie bacon is not vegan, but there might be other types that are.
This is a sausage substitute. I have not tried this, because I never liked sausage before I was a vegetarian anyway... But if you liked sausage, then give this a try! This contains milk and eggs, so it is not vegan.
This is a chicken nugget substitute. I haven't tried this either, but I really want to try it. I used to love chicken nuggets, so if these are anything like the real chicken nuggets, I will be one happy vegetarian! These are not vegan.
You guessed it! Veggie burgers! My favorite imitation meat! My favorite brand of veggie burgers is Amy's. If you haven't already, be sure you try this brand, because they are great.
These are veggie dogs. They're made of soy, and they taste a lot like real hot dogs. They'r'e really low in fat, which is a good thing and a bad thing... the good thing about that is that they're healthy, the bad thing about that is you can't roast them on a campfire. But other than that, these are awesome!

So there you have it. Morning Star makes a substitute for any meat you miss, so if I haven't listed the kind you miss, visit the Morning Star Farms site at


  1. heyaz! cool post, thanks for the info!

  2. Ooh, yummy! thnx for the bacon sub!

  3. I love morning star sausage links. It taste the same as real sausage links, the texture is just a bit off though. Besides that its amazing! I haven't tried the sausage patties yet, perhaps I will. I really want to try the imitation bacon now! :) Greatpost by the way!