Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amy's Foods = Vegetarian's DREAM!

Hey guys! I just thought I'd take some time to talk about my favorite frozen food brand... Amy's! First off, I'll post a link to their site, so you can look around at the products... Amys.com

Amy's Kitchen is basically a company that makes frozen meals, but, unlike some food companies, Amy's frozen foods are organic. They have foods that vary from pizza to vegetable korma! Everything I've tried that they make is excellent, and the best part is... 100% of their products are vegetarian! Yep, they never contain meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or peanuts. I love having a variety of Amy's foods stocked in the freezer, so if I don't have time to cook, I just pop one into the microwave.

Now I'd like to show you a few of my favorite Amy's foods!

Yum, this stuff is SO much better than the kind from the box. It tastes homemade, and it's full of protein.
These are the best frozen burritos you will ever find. End of story. I love this kind, because even though I love cheese on burritos, I never miss it with these burritos. This is vegan.
This is my favorite brand of veggie burgers. These taste like barbecue, but they don't have meat! Perfect if your friends/family are all having hamburgers. You'll fit right in! I'm pretty sure these are vegan.
Best. Frozen. Pizza. Ever. Enough said.
This is my newest favorite. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I LOVED it. This is vegan.
Yum, you'd think I'd get enough cheese enchiladas at restaurants, but NOPE! I LOVE 'em! Especially this kind!

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, my blog has won an award!
The Little Miss Helpful Award!

This is from Ms. Imperfection. She gave it to me because my blog has helpful tips and recipes for vegetarians! Thanks so much, Ms. Imperfection!


  1. Well done on the Award, and Amy's is SO cool!! I Don't think that they are available in South Africa though!

  2. I would really love to try Amy's it looks really good! :)