Saturday, April 3, 2010

Restaurant Survival Guide

If you're a vegetarian, going to a restaurant might be a little bit more tricky than it used to be when you weren't a vegetarian. This guide will tell you what to order, even at McDonalds and Steakhouses!

~Baked potato: Found on almost every restaurant menu. If you don't see it in main dishes, try looking in appetizers or side dishes. Careful though: a lot of restaurants put bacon bits on their potatoes. Just be sure to ask for yours without bacon!

~Mac 'N Cheese: Pretty much every kid's menu has this :)

~Cesar Salad: This is what I like to get at McDonalds... its about the only lunch item they have for vegetarians. Make sure to ask them to hold the chicken, if it comes with chicken. Also, cesar dressing usually has anchovies in it, so if you don't eat fish, ask for a different kind of dressing.

~Cheeseburger, hold the burger: This is great if you don't want to get a salad at McDonalds! Just order a cheeseburger with everything but the burger!

~Fries and Shake: Not the most nutritious, but you can find it anywhere.

~Salad: Yay, salad!

~Pizza: A very common menu item... and very yummy!

~Soup: Depending on whether you eat beef/chicken broth, you may want to avoid this or live on it! I don't really like to eat the beef or chicken broth so I usually stick with other things.

~Grilled Cheese: Very good, and very common.

~Sandwiches: Even if you don't see any vegetarian options, its very easy to ask the waiter/waitress to hold the meat on sandwiches.

~Pasta: There are a lot of vegetarian options for pasta!

These options aren't the healthiest, but the good news is: usually they aren't the only ones! These are just standard, find on any menu options. You can always check the restaurant's website and see if they have a copy of the menu online, or even call them! So anyway, I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, just leave a comment!


  1. FYI: caesar salad dressing usually always has anchovies in it.

  2. Ohh thanks for reminding me, I forgot! Better edit that real quick :)

  3. Just to let you know, McDonald's fries are fried with beef fat. So there not vegetarian. Wendy's fries aren't, so if you getting fast food fries, go there!

  4. Cool, thanks for the info, Andrew!