Monday, March 8, 2010

Items that seem vegetarian but might not be...

So you may know this, but some foods are not 100% vegetarian... If you look at the ingredients, they will have some items that are actually made of animals. Depending on how strict your vegetarian diet is, you may want to avoid these. I try to avoid these, but if I have to eat them, its not too big of a deal.

Carmine Cochineal: a red food coloring that comes from- I kid you not -bugs. Ha ha... non-vegetarians might avoid this just because they're grossed out by eating bugs. However, some vegetarians might be okay with eating bugs, just as some vegetarians are okay with eating fish.

Animal Shortening: Animal fat that is found in cookies, snack cakes, and other processed foods. I don't think this is very common anymore. Most brands I've seen use vegetable shortening.

Gelatin: An ingredient made from animal bones. This is probably the hardest to avoid! Its found in lots of things. The most common is marshmallows, but it can be found in a lot of other weird things like mints or yogurt. Kosher Gelatin is sometimes made of milk products, which makes it vegetarian, however, it can also be made with skins or bones. If you want to avoid these products made of animals all together, its probably best to avoid Kosher Gelatin unless you know for sure what the company uses to make their Kosher Gelatin.

Lard: Pretty much the same thing as animal shortening. This is found in a lot of refried beans, but not Taco Bell's! Isn't that nice of them? :)

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