Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spotlight Food: Veggie Dogs

Of all the meat substitutes, this is the one I couldn't be a vegetarian without! The only meat food I miss as a vegetarian are hot dogs. That's why I love veggie dogs. Veggie dogs taste like hot dogs, but they don't have any meat in them! They are made of soy and vegetable protein. The texture isn't exactly like like the hot dogs made of mystery meat, but they taste pretty good. So if you're missing those hot dogs you used to roast by the fire, try these!

Chili dogs:
1 or 2 veggie dogs
Hot dog buns
1/2 cup wicked hot chili
1/4 quarter cup shredded cheese
1 tbsp chopped onions

Heat up the chili and veggie dogs. Place the veggie dogs in buns, then pour chili on top. Sprinkle cheese and onions over that, and enjoy!

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