Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlight Food: Smoothies

Okay, I'm going to start this little thing called, "Spotlight Food" It's where I'm going to write all about a food that deserves the spotlight.

Smoothies are great, because they can provide all the nutrients needed in a meal in one cup! You can add tofu, spinach, or other nutritional food to them, and the best part is, you don't even taste it! Smoothies can be made with fruit or vegetables. Personally, I like them with fruit better, but that's just my opinion. You can put pretty much whatever you want in them; they most always taste great! I'll get you started, and put a basic smoothie recipe here. This recipe is really versatile, so put whatever you think will taste good!

Basic Smoothie Recipe:
1 banana
1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit (I like to use strawberries, raspberries, and/or blueberries)
1/2 cup of milk or juice (sometimes I use a little bit of both!)
1/2 cup of yogurt
1 cups of ice (if you are using fresh fruit, your might want to add more)
1/4 cup sugar (this is optional)
1/2 cup of tofu, spinach, etc... (this is optional too)

1. Throw all ingredients into a blender, and press the liquefy button. If your blender does not have this option, try puree, blend, etc... Pour into a glass and serve!

I'm pretty sure this recipe serves 1, but it might serve more. You can alter it to make more or less smoothie!

You can replace the yogurt for tofu if you are a vegan. If you do that, this recipe is vegan!

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