Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Becoming a vegetarian...

Weaning yourself from meat can be hard! But I've got a tip; try going vegetarian little by little. You might be thinking, "HUH?", so I'll explain.
A lot of vegetarians recommend you eliminate meat from your diet slowly. Maybe try eliminating one type of meat at a time. You could try not eating red meat for a few weeks, then eliminate poultry, then fish, then items such as beef broth, chicken broth, ect...
I did this this in a slightly different way. I did slowly stop consuming meat, but I didn't have a certain type of meat. At first I tried to go every other day without meat, every three days, every four days, ect... eventually I went a whole month without meat and I haven't had any since.
You can still eliminate all meat all at once, but its recommended that you do it gradually.
Hope this helps your journey of vegetarianism!

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