Saturday, January 16, 2010

About this blog...

This blog is (hopefully) going to be exactly what I wish I had when I was becoming a vegetarian; a blog that has advice and recipes for 12-18 year olds wanting to go vegetarian.
If you've already been trying to go vegetarian, you probably know that most vegetarian books are meant for adults... They have recipes like caramelized onions, or antipasto, and other things you've never heard of. I almost gave up being vegetarian because these recipes were gourmet, hard to make, and didn't seem appealing. But, fortunately, I found a wonderful book called, "Okay, So Now You're a Vegetarian" by Lauren Butts. It was written by a 16 year old girl who had the same problem I did. She wrote a book with recipes that were "normal" and easy to prepare. I learned a lot about nutrition, cooking, and found some great recipes from it!
So now I'm a vegetarian. I'm fairly new at it, but I do know lots about it, and I am willing to learn more. I'll learn right along with you! This blog is basically my vegetarianism journal. I'll be posting recipes, websites, books, and advice that will all help vegetarian wannabes become more than a wannabe!

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